Who We Are

We believe that happy, healthy animals are part of happy, healthy families and communities!

Lakes Animal Friendship was created in 2009 to improve the lives of companion animals in our local communities around the Village of Burns Lake in northern BC. 

We became a society in 2011, a registered Canadian charity in 2016 and in 2024 our society’s operations became Increased Animal Care and Community Empowered Safety Society (Increased ACCESS). The charitable work we started in the Lakes District still serves the same communities, as well as an expanded network of communities with our animal rescue partners. Please check out increasedaccess.org to learn more and stay up-to-date on all the exciting developments.

Lakes Animal Friendship continues as a partnership to support animal care, compassion and community safety through the development, sales and donations of educational resources.

Our Partners

Valerie Ingram & Alistair Schroff

Valerie Ingram is a certified teacher with over twenty-five years of experience teaching all grade levels but spent much of her career teaching kindergarten. A lifelong love of animals and a commitment to teaching care, compassion and respect made humane education a logical career move—even at no pay! Valerie has volunteered in classrooms around the community and northwest BC.  She also mentors others who volunteer in communities across the region.

Valerie’s husband Alistair Schroff is a long-time volunteer for Lakes Animal Friendship and the coauthor of the dozens of materials they have created over the years. He is on the board of directors for Increased ACCESS.