Nobody's Cats

Nobody’s Cats

After stopping some kids from throwing rocks at a group of cats, a boy finds a little black kitty starving and shivering in the snow. He wants to save the poor little black kitty but doesn’t know how! With the help of a friendly volunteer, he learns all about community cats. The neighbors call them “Nobody’s cats”, but what will they think when the boy springs into action and becomes a superhero to help the little black kitty and the rest of the community cats?

Nobody’s Cats: How One Little Kitty Came in from the Cold is based on the true story of a project to help community cats in the small town of Burns Lake in rural northern British Columbia, Canada. Local students helped pick the ending of the story! It also features their amazing community cat artwork.

Also available in :

FRANÇAIS : Les Chats

ESPAÑOL: Gatos de nadie

PORTUGUÊSE: Gatos de ninguem

DEUTSCH: Niemandskatzen

How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog / Happy Cat

This book is a gentle and fun way for young children to learn about proper care for the animals in their lives. Children love to read along and discover the surprise ending.

Note:  this picture book has a “2-in-1” format with the “My Happy Dog” and “My Happy Cat” stories back-to-back.  The Kindle Editions feature one story or the other.

Out of the Cold

Molly the dog is cold and wet on her tight chain in her muddy yard. When she finally breaks her chain and escapes, danger lurks around the corner. Billy and Anna want to help Molly stay safe and warm, but they can’t do it alone. 

Out of the Cold is based on the true story of how students in the Burns Lake area helped build dog houses and make blankets to keep hundreds of dogs and cats safe and warm in the winter cold.  Local students contributed to the story and provided artwork featured in the back of the book.

Also available in:

FRANÇAIS : Sauve du froid

ESPAÑOL: Salvado del frio

PORTUGUÊSE: Um Abrigo do Frio

DEUTSCH: Raus aus der kalte