At Home Outside

At Home Outside is a gentle, poetic journey through the life of a community cat and her colony. Their caregiver, a kind girl in the neighborhood, tells us all about community cats and how she helps them to be happy and healthy.

At Home Outside is based on the true story of a project to help community cats in the small town of Burns Lake in rural northern British Columbia, Canada.

Authors: Valerie Ingram & Alistair Schroff
Illustrator: Amanda Moeckel

All proceeds will support our programs to help northern dogs and cats: student and community education about animal care, compassion and bite safety; dog/cat houses for animals in need, pet food for animals in need, and spay/neuter services for animals from lower income families.

“Fostering compassion and caring for others is essential if we’re going to make this a better world. At Home Outside achieves this with its honest, thoughtful and fun portrayal of cats who live outside what we consider ‘normal’ homes. Though not traditional pets, these cats too, need our love and attention and this book shows how best to provide for them. A wonderful lesson for today’s children!” – Bryan Kortis, Neighborhood Cats