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Resources for other languages: Español | Français | Lheidli T’enneh Dakelh / Carrier

Books (For FREE eBOOKS click HERE)

Out of the Cold Book Nobody's Cats


{Note: How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog / Cat has both stories in the same “2-in-1” book}

Activity and Colouring Books

How I Love and Care for My Happy Community Cat {colouring/activity}

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Our Family: What we Need to be Healthy and Happy {colouring}

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How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog / Cat {2-in-1 colouring}

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Be Kind, Stay Safe – My First Cat and Dog and Living with Cats and Dogs, Inspire Compassion Animal Activity Book

These activity books are filled with dozens of fun activities to help children learn about caring for their pets, staying safe around dogs and cats, and being compassionate members of the community.  Topics including basic needs, dog and cat body language, household and neighbourhood hazards, how to meet a dog, cat and dog body language, critter careers, and training. My First Cat and Dog Activity Book is suitable for grades K to 3 literacy levels, Living with Cats and Dogs is suitable for up to grade 6 literacy level. You can also check our new Inspire Compassion Animal Activity Book which was developed in cooperation with San Diego Humane Society. It includes many of our dog and cat activities as well as activities with farm animal, small pet, environment and wildlife themes!

My First Cat & Dog:
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Living with Cats and Dogs:
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Inspire Compassion Animal Activity Book:
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Seven songs including: WAITing to Meet a Dog Song and Rock and Tree (dog safety), Teach My Person How to Love Me and Love, Love, Love your Pets (pet care), Love, Love, Love the Cats (community cats), Kindness Counts (kindness to all) and My Dog Scruff (dog body language and fun actions to get the wiggles out!)

FREE Download – lyrics to our seven catchy Critter Care Singalong Songs

AUDIO FILES – Critter Care Singalong Songs – sing along with Lowry Olafson!!!

Dog House Plans and Instructions

FREE Download – how to build the ONE SHEET OF PLYWOOD “Hofer House”, make flatpacks, and assemble!

FREE Hofer House Materials List and Instructions for Making 10 Small Houses from 5 sheets of plywood

Cat Care Handouts – LAFS / Allison Helps Cats

Check out these great tips and info from cat behaviour consultant Allison Hunter-Frederick on how to make life with your cats even more awesome! Topics include introducing new cats to your life, carrier training, cat body language, and fun summer and winter activities with your cat.



Critter Care Newsletter

Discussion Guides and Supplemental Activities

Help children to learn even more from the books in the “Kindness Collection”! These guides are great for parents and home-schoolers, teachers and classroom students. Each comes with discussion points and exercises, links to curriculum, and fun BONUS activities you won’t find in our activity books! These are all available as FREE downloads, just click the link below: