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Out of the Cold Book Nobody's Cats  

Activity Books

How I Love and Care for My Happy Community Cat

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Our Family: What We Need to Be Healthy and Happy

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How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog / My Happy Cat

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Be Kind Staying Safe – Living with Cats and Dogs

This book is filled with dozens of fun activities to help children learn about caring for their pets, staying safe around dogs and cats, and being compassionate members of the community.  Topics including basic needs, household and neighbourhood hazards, how to meet a dog, cat and dog body language and training are covered.

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  1. What I Need to be Happy and Healthy (Dog)
  2. What Every Dog or Cat Needs
  3. What I Need to be Happy and Healthy (Cat)
  4. What’s For Dinner
  5. Is Your Dog or Cat Getting Enough to Eat
  6. The Scoop on Poop (Cat)
  7. Out of the Cold and Heat
  8. Love Love Love Your Pet
  9. Dreaming of a Forever Home (Dog)
  10. Speak Dog
  11. Feline Feelings
  12. Dog and Cat Talk
  13. Top Training Tips for Your Pet
  14. What is This Boy Asking His Dog to Do
  15. Dogs with Jobs
  16. Cat Toys You’ll Enjoy and Dog Treats You Can Eat
  17. Find the Cat Toys
  18. Safe Unsafe
  19. ABCs of Meeting a Dog
  20. Stand Like a Tree (Dog)
  21. Household Hazards
  22. Spaying and Neutering
  23. It’s Raining Cats and Cats
  24. Abandoned Family of Cats
  25. Meet Your Match and Save a Life
  26. Its Cool to be Kind
  27. Cool Bookmarks
  28. How to Draw Cats and Dogs
  29. There’s a New Superhero In Town
  30. Best Friends Forever Contract
  31. Teach My Person How to Love Me



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