How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog / Happy Cat (2 in 1)


How I Love and Care for My Happy Dog / How I Love and Care for My Happy Cat is two delightful books in one!  It is a gentle and fun way for young children to learn about proper care for the animals in their lives.  Children love to read along and discover the surprise ending.

All proceeds will support our programs to help northern dogs and cats: student and community education about animal care, compassion and bite safety; dog/cat houses for animals in need, pet food for animals in need, and spay/neuter services for animals from lower income families.

“Our three-year-old granddaughter immediately wanted to have your book read three times, then she took over with reading it to me.  How perfectly delightful, but also gently instructive on the kind of care our dogs and cats need.  I just loved it!”  Maribeth Boelts, author of Before You Were Mine

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Amazon Kindle Versions also available.

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