Humane Education

Making a difference starts with education! We educate students and other community members about animal care, compassion and bite safety. Studies show that children who learn compassion and respect for animals have a better chance at becoming compassionate adults. They are less likely to be violent and more likely to be responsible community members.

Teaching kids to have compassion and empathy for their pets is vital for preventing cruelty to animals, as well as raising them to respect and treat those who are different from them with kindness.

School Program

Lakes Animal Friendship Society delivers in-school Humane Education presentations to students. The focus of these presentations is animal care, compassion, and dog bite safety.  A variety of age-appropriate materials and activities are used in our presentations to engage students.  The students participate in dog house building and painting and other enrichment activities.  The students contribute artwork and stories that are shared in our Critter Care Newsletter. 

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Community Program

Each Community Animal Care Event provides the opportunity to deliver information about the care for companion animals.  We also write articles for the local newspapers and do a lot of one-on-one work with community members who are looking for information or other assistance with their animals.

LAFS Humane Education