Spay / Neuter Programs

There are simply too many animals and not enough loving homes! Spaying and neutering is healthier for your pets, your family and community. We work with outstanding groups like the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic, the Canadian Animal Assistance Team and Vet-to-Pet Mobile to help lower-income families have their pets spayed and neutered.

We are partners in SpayAidBC which is run by Paws for Hope Animal Foundation.  SpayAidBC is available across BC but we provide specific funding for spaying and neutering of pets from the Burns Lake area, including the Southside, Topley, Granisle and Endako.  Low income families apply for assistance online and if eligible pay only $50 for the spay or neuter.

In 2011 we held our first Community Animal Care Event.  We hosted the Canadian Animal Assistance Team for eight days of animal health clinics.  The team set up in local halls, bringing veterinary services into the heart of our community.  All services were provided by donation, which was sometimes cash, or maybe bannock or a pair of orange knitted socks!  No one was turned away.

When we got ready to open our doors there was already a lineup of grateful guardians and their critters!  On most days all surgery slots were filled within an hour.  Students toured the clinics learning and many guardians stayed with their animals from preparation to recovery.  Close to 200 animals were spayed and neutered, with many more vaccinated, dewormed and health-checked.

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team returned in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016.  In 2017 and 2019 Vet-to-Pet Mobile conducted the surgeries with their mobile veterinary clinic.  And in 2018 we held a Community Animal Wellness Day where the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic donated its services.  We focused on health checks, vaccinations and deworming with surgeries scheduled with the Clinic at a later date.

Through these events and ongoing programs we have spayed and neutered over 800 cats and dogs.  

Community Cat Project

Lakes Animal Friendship Society has received funding through the BC SPCA and PetSmartCharities of Canada for a major community cat spay/neuter program (trap-neuter-return) in the Burns Lake area.  Since 2013 we have spayed and neutered 487 cats, some from colonies with over 100 cats.

Our efforts to help community cats, and how our local students got this project started, are featured in our first book, Nobody’s Cats which has been distributed to thousands of children, schools and animal welfare groups and has been translated into seven languages and counting!

Learn about Community Cats

2012 Community Animal Wellness Clinic

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team

For more information on our spay / neuter efforts check out the articles below. (PDF)

LAFS Spay/Neuter Programs