Win a Wisdom Panel 3.0 Doggie DNA Test!!!

It is simply amazing how many different shapes, sizes and colours dogs come in! Many northern dogs, like our Dusty, are a cool mix of different breeds. How can you tell where your dog got its looks? Or maybe your dog likes to dig or loves to follow scents – where did that come from? If you don’t know your dog’s parents, grandparents and other ancestors – you can get their DNA tested!!!

If that sounds cool to you, now’s your chance to get a Doggy DNA kit (Wisdom Panel 3.0) for FREE! All you have to do is give us the closest answer on what breeds are in this beautiful dog named Dukesie.

Take a close look at the pictures, and email or use the “Contact” page! You can name up to three breeds in order of “most” to “least”.

If there is a tie for best answer we will do a draw to decide the winner.

We will announce the winner when the lab sends Dukesie’s results, which should be within a couple of weeks.

And remember, if you are looking for any kind of dog, there is an adoption option for you. There are many purebreds in shelters and also breed-specific rescues out there. And the rest of those rescue dogs? They are just “designer dogs” missing their label – until they get their DNA test! Whether a marvelous mixed breed or a purebred, adopt a dog and save a life.