Community Animal Care Event 2019 Rocked!

This year our spring critter care efforts included school visits, a humane education workshop and community presentation by Nicole Forsyth from RedRover in Sacramento, California.  We also held a Community Animal Care Event with Dr. Kim Hunter and the team from Vet to Pet Mobile Veterinary Services.

Nicole and LAFS teacher Valerie Ingram visited hundreds of local students and Nicole trained sixteen volunteers how to teach children about animal care, compassion and empathy.

Vet to Pet spayed and neutered 47 dogs and cats from lower-income families!   We have spayed and neutered over 1300 animals to date.

Big thanks to all our donors, volunteers and supporters – you have helped us work toward our goal of happy, healthy animals as part of happy, healthy families and community.  You are making Burns Lake a kinder, healthier and safer place for all.

Vet to Pet Mobile Veterinary Services and RedRover

Latham Foundation

The Village of Burns Lake, Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic, Burns Lake Public Library, LDFC Printing and Stationery, LD News

RBC Royal Bank Burns Lake Branch, Baker’s Acres Kennels, Sunshine Inn, Matthias and Old and Bold, Susan and San-Bar

Our dedicated volunteers and supporters Cheryl, Debra and Ken, Susan, Dawn, Mac, Cherill, Brandie, Erin, the crew from RBC Royal Bank, Heather, the Palmer Family, Becky, Monica and Caiomi, Helene, Liz-Anna, Jim, Hazel, Elma, Dawn, Barb, Hayley, Pius, Julie and Clive, Christina, James, Arlan, Lyssa, Danae, Kieran, the Martin Family, Margriet, Sue, Mrs. Giesbrecht and Ms. Isaak, Danielle, Taylor, May, Lola, Trey, and everyone else who pitched in.

Our generous but humble donors who wish to remain anonymous.

All the schools, staff and students who let LAFS into their world and support the care, compassion and bite safety lessons given each and every year!

And last but not least, all the people who trusted us with their loved and loving pets!!!