Fantastic Support for our Faithful Furry Friends and their Families!

THANK YOU – to all the donors to the 2018 Wildfire Campaign for the Critters – and to the volunteers, supporters and service providers who get the critters what they need, when they need it, night or day!!!   Check out the list HERE  And thanks to all who join this list of superheroes as we face the challenges of continued wildfires and evacuations, and a long recovery. 

You have helped us with $8285 in donations to Lakes Animal Friendship Society which will be matched for a total of $16 570!!!  Even more has rolled in to help our critters and families through donations to emergency funds at the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic, to other folks helping with housing evacuated animals, and directly to families and animals in need.

Donors have come forward with veterinary supplies, pet supplies and food, crates and pens, toys and beds, everything you could imagine pets to need.

Our volunteers and supporters have been transporting all of the above to where it is needed most, including getting food and water to this community cat colony in the evacuation zone (the colony is safe at this point but the resident / caretaker was evacuated) and helping with projects like creating shelter spaces for cats who are not fully socialized.

Remember, with the long evacuation and damage to our local forests many families have seen their livelihoods impacted.  Financial stress affects the whole family including the furry family members.  We will need more resources to foster animals while their families seek jobs and new accommodation.  If the family must surrender them we will be working with partner groups like the Prince George Humane Society to find new homes if there are no local homes.  We are starting to see the first instances of families relocating and struggling to find a good situation for their pets.  We also can’t afford to lose the ground we have gained in our education programs to improve levels of animal care, compassion and dog bite safety, controlling pet overpopulation through spay / neuter programs for animals from lower income families, and providing other necessities like shelters (dog and cat houses) and pet food for animals in need.  To support our ongoing efforts, please Click Here to Donate.  All donations will continue to be 100% matched until the evacuation orders are lifted.

Again, because we can’t say it enough – THANK YOU!!!